Monday, March 4, 2013

February 25, 2013

Hola Everyone

Well another week has come and gone very quickly. I think it is because I can't understand anything so time just goes by really fast. I am feeling a little better so hopefully this week is the end of the sickness. We got word on Thursday that they were making a new mission down here and that it would effect our area but that is all we know. I can't believe that they are going to have one there in Twin! Super crazy stuff. But it only shows that much more how the Lord is hastening his work. This change is only 5 weeks and the next is 6 so we can get back on track with the MTC I guess. So I am getting cut a week short on my training stuff. Oh well. 

This week was pretty good. Still don't understand anything but I'm trying to learn and be obedient so I can learn. I'm just trying to do what I need to do in order to be successful. We had splits again this week. Apparently we have splits every week in our zone which is pretty cool I guess. I went with an Elder Taylor (AZ). We had a good time and were able to teach the Restoration to a group of about 4 teenagers. Besides the language everything is fine. We had some good lessons with investigators though, but so far a lot of them need to have their hearts softened so they can receive an answer. We taught a family yesterday and it went really well. They invited us to lunch with them next Sunday, so hopefully that turns out well. Not much else has happened. I love you all and continue to pray for you every day. I hope you have another great week. 

With love,

Elder Jayson Welker

Remember who you are and the family name you bear
Return with Honor
Remember who you are and who you represent

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