Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2, 2013

Hola Everyone,

This is the completion of my 4th week here at the MTC. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. This week has been pretty normal besides the fact that a big stomach virus broke out yesterday. I haven't got sick yet and hopefully I won't (fingers crossed). On Sunday we were able to watch a talk by Elder Bednar called "Character of Christ". It was probably one of my favorite ones yet. It made me realize how far I have to go and how much I need to work on. He talked about conversion to the Lord, not just having a testimony. I continue to progress in the Gospel and in the Spanish language. I finished reading D&C this last week. My goal is to read the entire standard works before I leave on February 4. As of right now, my time isn't getting cut short here but you never know. Thank you for all the prayers being sent my way. On a side note, my companion and I play basketball almost everyday and it is so dumb how much better I am now than I was in high school. I make so many more shots it's stupid. And it's not like we're playing people who can't play. There are some kids here who can play some ball. Well this week doesn't have much to tell so I apologize for the short letter. Hopefully something super exciting or something happens this coming week so my email will be longer. I hope that everyone had a wonderful New Year. Have a good week! Love and miss you all.
With love,

Elder Jayson Welker

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