Friday, February 7, 2014

February 3, 2014

Hola Everyone

Well this week has flown by! We worked really hard in our sector this week with the in-active people. We didn't necessarily have a ton of "success" with them this week but they are somewhat willing to listen to us. And thanks to the work of looking for them, we were able to find a family that is super awesome. We contacted the mom on Tuesday and taught her the Restoration. She was pretty receptive. And then we invited her two kids to play soccer with us, and...I don't really have words to describe how good they are. I have seen a lot of people play soccer down here and these 2 kids just blew every single one of them out of the water. The entire family is really loving. They invited us over to eat lunch yesterday with them, so that was cool. We really got to know them and I really hope that they will give our message a shot. Our families that we had before have pretty much fallen. We haven't been able to meet with any of them over the last 4 weeks. But we just have to keep holding out hope. Yesterday was pretty cool for us, we had 2 investigators come to church. It's the first time in my 2 changes here. They seemed kinda timid but said that in 2 weeks (they won't be here this next week) they are going to bring their two kids to church and stay the full 3 hours! It was pretty satisfying to know that after a lot of struggle, hard work, and a ton of patience the Lord blessed us in that way. I know that this work is true and I absolutely love what I am doing! I love and miss you all! Have a fantastic week!

With love,

Elder Jayson Welker

Remember who you are and the family name you bear
Return with Honor
Remember who you are and who you represent

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