Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hola Everyone

Well this week once again was pretty rough. We haven't found new investigators in over 2 weeks, but it isn't anything new for me here in the mission. We are working hard but sometimes the things that we want most, aren't the things that the Lord has in store for us. Sometimes he wants us to suffer a little bit or wants us to learn something. I've always told myself that when I've had struggles and usually it has proven to be true. We have basically "killed" all of our investigators. They just haven't progressed and haven't really shown much effort in trying to read or pray. It hurts because we want to help them but sometimes you just have to do it and hope that later on down the road they will do it. So Elder Ramirez and I are basically starting from scratch so we're just going to continue to work hard and hope that the Lord will bless us. 15 months has passed by so fast and I know it only gets faster. I hope to bless, serve, and love everyone that I can in the 9 months that I have left. I love and miss you all and hope that your week is fantastic!

With love,

Elder Jayson Welker

Remember who you are and the family name you bear
Return with Honor
Remember who you are and who you represent

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